Here's how I rate that chicken dinner.  I first had the smaller piece of chicken with just the rub.  It was very tasty and very juicy.  The skin on the other hand was rather tough.  You could chew it and it was tasty but it took more work to eat then I think was necessary.  I didn't see much of a difference between that one and the middle PAM sprayed chicken.  

So what was the best chicken?  For sure it was the largest chicken that was buttered every hour.  The skin was perfect!  Tasty and edible.  Always a good combination when having food.  A trick I've seen is to cook the chicken on the grill at the last few minutes to make the skin crispy.  You can do the same thing in your oven with a broiler.  

Some quick hot heat and rubber skin issues are transformed into delicious crispyness.

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